Opened in 1977

Joel and Susan Brezack moved to Omaha from Long Island, New York in 1977 with their 3 sons, David, Scott, and Glenn. Keeping with their religious beliefs, they decided to make their Bagel Bin factory Kosher.

Many of their polish family recipes were incorporated into their line of products and are still used and sold today. Being the only New York-style bagel factory and the first in Omaha, the Bagel Bin grew fast by developing a very faithful customer-base and wholesale account base.

With the passing of Joel in 2004, sons David and Scott joined their mother Susan as partners and continue the family business as their father would have wanted. They still make and bake their bagels fresh every day using all natural ingredients and continue to grow.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves in keeping what the Jewish community needs and accommodating the rest of the community on all their needs.  We serve most of the city of Omaha with our products. We are supervised by the Vaad of Omaha.



January 7, 2010

One of the coldest nights, the Bagel Bin caught fire due to a faulted oven.



December 1, 2010

It took 11 months to rebuild, but we did it because of our customers. We appreciated the support through the tough times. We're happy to be back.