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Opened in 1977

Embark on a Journey with Bagel Bin – Crafting Tradition and Flavor Since 1977!

In 1977, Joel and Susan Brezack, driven by a passion for authentic bagels, transplanted the heart of New York to Omaha along with their three sons, David, Scott, and Glenn. Guided by deep-rooted religious beliefs, they set out to establish the Bagel Bin as a beacon of quality and tradition, making the bold decision to make their establishment entirely Kosher.

Infusing the essence of their Polish heritage into every recipe, the Brezack family curated a distinguished line of products that stands as a testament to their culinary legacy. These cherished recipes, a nod to family ties, continue to grace our shelves, embodying the spirit of tradition and excellence.

As pioneers of the New York-style bagel in Omaha, Bagel Bin swiftly captured the hearts of enthusiasts, becoming the city's inaugural destination for this quintessential treat. The growth was remarkable, fueled by the loyalty of our cherished customers and a robust network of wholesale accounts.

Join us on a journey through time and taste, where the Bagel Bin story unfolds, shaped by the dedication of the Brezack family and the enduring commitment to crafting the finest New York-style bagels. We invite you to be part of our narrative – a tale of tradition, passion, and the pursuit of perfection in every bite.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves in keeping what the Jewish community needs and accommodating the rest of the community on all their needs.  We serve most of the city of Omaha with our products. We are supervised by the Vaad of Omaha.

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Sue Brezack & Christina Randall on


August 25, 2022 - The Bagel Bin has become a beloved institution in Omaha, and when you meet owner Sue Brezack, it's not hard to see why! She and her granddaughter Christina describe what makes their New York bagels unlike any in Omaha, the crazy story that brought Sue and her husband Joel from NY to Omaha to open a bagel shop, how the family rebounded from a devastating fire, and so much more!

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Featured on KMTV Channel 3 News Dec. 19, 2019

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January 7, 2010

One of the coldest nights, the Bagel Bin caught fire due to a faulted oven.

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December 1, 2010

It took 11 months to rebuild, but we did it because of our customers. We appreciated the support through the tough times. We're happy to be back.

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